Solution-IV® Version 8.72 Release NotesSolution-IV® Version 8.72 Release Notes

Introduction to 8.72

Solution-IV Accounting version 8.71 was released in October 2010. In the 8.72 version of Solution-IV we have incorporated several Technical Bulletins and Enhancements.

Solution-IV version 8.72 sits on top of Thoroughbred’s OPENworkshop® version 8.7.0 or 8.7.1 OPENworkshop Environment which has some of its own new features that Solution-IV users can take advantage of such as:

  • Vista/Server 2008 UAC-Compliant – Version 8.70 supports a mix of Microsoft products including Vista, XP, Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 operating systems.
  • New User Boundaries – We have added additional user counts, making upgrades more convenient and cost effective.
  • Query-IV™/ Report-IV™ Print to Excel – You can print Report-IV and Query-IV reports directly to Microsoft Excel by using a new printer type – as easily as printing to a printer.
  • TS ReportServer™– Expanded save function.
  • Report-IV to PDF – Allows you to print any report in Solution-IV and have it automatically archived as a .pdf file (requires additional product license).

Solution-IV 8.72 Features

Retail - Inventory Control - Order Processing - Purchase Order

We have added a completely new module to the system that ties directly to IC, OP and PO to process what we are calling ’Retail’. This module defines items in a matrix grid setting where the user may define a matrix to hold multiple types of items within one item code. An example would be ’SHIRTS’ and the matrix would hold seven different sizes and ten different colors.

When processing this item in Order Processing or Purchase Order Processing the user may fill in the quantities of each size and color immediately without having to define a multitude of items that are really all the same.

Accounts Payable

  • Invoice Entry – We have moved the Discount Based On field to give the user a more meaningful flow to the input of data.
  • Vendor Maintenance – We have added a Default Alternate Address field to be used in Payment Entry.

Accounts Receivable

  • Credit Receipts Entry –The user now has the ability of changing the deposit date.

Credit Card Processing

  • All credit card processing has been modified/enhanced to be adherent to the PCI Security Standards Council.

Inventory Control

  • IC Variance Report & Update – The flow of this process has been reworked to be clearer to the user.

Order Processing

  • Price Inquiry – You may now view contract information.
  • Order/Invoice Entry – We have added user definable fields.
  • Sales Analysis – Six new sorts have been added.
  • Backorder Release – This is a new option that allows the user to fill open orders based upon Purchase Order receipts.
  • Cross Referencing – Several enhancements have been made to this process.


  • Reports - Checks – Direct Deposit checks no longer print the check amount.
  • Reports – Quarterlies - All three quarterly reports now allow the user the option of suppressing zero amounts.
  • Period End Processing – Two new options that allow the user to clear the labor and/or the union history files have been added.

Purchase Order

  • Purchase Order Entry – The Copy/Release option has been clarified.
  • PO Invoice Entry – The user is now allowed to combine multiple POs into one invoice. A 'pick' option also has been added.

System Wide

  • Report Selection Date Ranges – The system will now prompt for a smaller date range than the twenty years we had previously provided.

Required and Complimentary Products

The following Solution–IV version number has been assigned to this release and it requires the following other products in order to run:

OPENworkshop Version VIP®/GWW™
8.72 8.7.0 or 8.7.1 8.7.0 or 8.7.1 (optional)

For those customers interested in reviewing changes made between 8.70 and 8.71, the Release Notice will remain on the web at:

8.71 Release Notes