Solution-IV® Version 8.71 Release NotesSolution-IV® Version 8.71 Release Notes

Introduction to 8.71

Solution-IV Reprographics version 8.70 was released in June 2009. In the 8.71 version of Solution-IV we have incorporated over 75 Technical Bulletins and over 40 Enhancements.

Solution-IV version 8.71 sits on top of Thoroughbred’s OPENworkshop® version 8.7.0 which has some of its own new features that Solution-IV users can take advantage of such as:

  • Vista/Server 2008 UAC-Compliant – Version 8.70 supports a mix of Microsoft products including Vista, XP, Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 operating systems.
  • New User Boundaries – We have added additional user counts, making upgrades more convenient and cost effective.
  • Query-IV™/ Report-IV™ Print to Excel – You can print Report-IV and Query-IV reports directly to Microsoft Excel by using a new printer type – as easily as printing to a printer.
  • TS ReportServer™– Expanded save function.
  • Report-IV to PDF – Allows you to print any report in Solution-IV and have it automatically archived as a .pdf file (requires additional product license).

For those customers interested in reviewing changes made between 8.60 and 8.70, the Release Notice will remain on the web at:

8.70 Release Notes

Accounts Payable

  • Invoice Register & Update – We have given the user the ability to post invoices for a specific date range and for a specific operator.
  • Vendor Inquiry – You may now view invoices from the history files as well as the open invoice file.

Accounts Receivable

  • Credit Receipts Entry – A comment text field has been added so that the user may make notes defining reversals and write-offs.
  • Customer Inquiry – The ability to view payment information has been added.
  • Aged Trial Balance – The report may now be sorted by the customer alternate sort field.

Credit Card Processing

  • All credit card processing has been modified/enhanced to be adherent to the PCI Security Standards Council.


  • Emailing – An Email Log has been added to the module.

General Ledger

  • Account Inquiry – A new option has been added which allows you to make inquiries on an account’s transactions, its history or its budget.

Inventory Control

  • Item Warehouse Maintenance – You may now assign a primary vendor to each warehouse record for an item.

Order Processing

  • Sales Analysis – A new analysis file based upon yearly information has been added to the module.
  • Payment Code – Several new payment methods have been added.
  • Project Code – A sales ceiling has been added.
  • Contract Maintenance – A sales ceiling has been added.
  • Recurring Orders – A new sub-system has been added to the OP module which allows you to keep and maintain recurring orders. These orders may then be turned into ‘live’ orders based upon a given criteria.
  • Product Commisions – A new file has been added which allows you to assign commissions based upon product lines.
  • Rolling Prices – In the contract file and price break file you will now have the ability to ‘roll’ prices based upon year-to-date sales.
  • Cross Referencing – A new sub-system has been added to the OP module that works directly with the Purchase Order module. This allows you to tie OP Orders with specific Purchase Orders and vice versa.


  • Parameters – New fields have been added which allow you to define exactly which earnings will be taken into account when determining either vacation or sick accrual time.

Purchase Order

  • Purchase Order Anaysis – The front end of Purchase Analysis has been rewritten to allow the user to select the exact sorts they would like to keep.

System Wide

  • Period End Processing – The user will be reminded of the last time period-end was run for the given module.
  • Inquiry – We have added extensive drill-downs for General Ledger transactions when making inquiries on invoices and purchase orders.

Required and Complimentary Products

The following Solution–IV version number has been assigned to this release and it requires the following other products in order to run:

OPENworkshop Version Basic
8.71 8.7.0 8.7.0 8.7.0(optional)