Solution-IV® Version 8.70 Release NotesSolution-IV® Version 8.70 Release Notes

Introduction to 8.70

Solution-IV Reprographics version 8.60 was released in January 2008.  Solution-IV Reprographics version 8.70 is a significant enhancement release, incorporating over 75 enhancements and 175 smaller technical bulletins.  This document gives a brief overview of the changes made in each module.

Solution-IV version 8.70 sits on top of Thoroughbred’s OPENworkshop® version 8.70 which has some of it’s own new features that Solution-IV users can take advantage of such as:

  • Vista/Server 2008 UAC-Compliant – Version 8.70 supports a mix of Microsoft products including Vista, XP, Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 operating systems.
  • New User Boundaries – We have added additional user counts, making upgrades more convenient and cost effective.
  • Query-IV™ / Report-IV™ Print to Excel – You can print Report-IV and Query-IV reports directly to Microsoft Excel by using a new printer type – as easily as printing to a printer.
  • TS ReportServer™– Expanded save function.
  • Report-IV to PDF – Allows you to print any report in Solution-IV and have it automatically archived as a .pdf file (requires additional product license).

For those customers interested in reviewing some significant changes made between 8.53P and 8.60, the Release Notice will remain on the web at:

8.60 Release Notes

Solution-IV Analytics e-Dash

Solution-IV Analytics e-Dash is a new module (requires additional product license) that gives you instant, real-time information about customers, items, sales, and more in an easy-to-use, browser-based, click-to-drill-down interface.


The Estimating sub-module (incorporated into Order Processing) allows you to custom build pricing for your reprographics specific products, such as large format printing.  You can customize fields in the file, such as media, mounting, laminating, etc. and have the system build pricing based on that.  These estimates can then later be turned into Solution-IV Quotes and/or Orders, processed and invoiced.

Accounts Payable

  • Check Processing – We have streamlined the use of credit cards to pay for both invoices previously entered into the system through Purchase Order or Accounts Payable Invoice Entry, as well as for additional charges that appear on the credit card that simply need to be expensed.
  • Manual Check Processing – We have added a feature to allow you to print “manual checks” to pay for goods where the invoice was never entered into the system.  It is not necessary for the vendor to be on file in order to utilize this feature.
  • Vendor Inquiry – Several new features were added to this function.

Accounts Receivable

  • Credit Card Processing – Credit card processing functionality has been added to cash receipts to enable invoices on file to be paid using a credit card (as well as the previously available ability to pay invoices at Order or Invoice Entry time via credit card). Customer credit card numbers are now stored by the system in an encrypted format for security reasons.
  • Finance Charges – We have streamlined the ability to write off finance charges, enabling more of our customers to charge finance charges reducing the hassle of writing them off if their customer doesn’t pay them.

Bank Reconciliation

  • Transfers – Added a new feature to facilitate transferring funds between bank accounts.


  • Replace VSI*Fax – While we haven’t found an actual replacement for VSI*Fax, we do have a viable alternative with our pay-per-use option through Thoroughbred.  You now have the option of printing, faxing or e-mailing your forms without the additional cost of a third-party product.
  • Return Receipts – You now have the option of requesting a return receipt on e-mailed forms.

General Ledger

  • Journal Reports – All journal reports in all Solution-IV modules now report the General Ledger transaction detail number which may be useful when balancing to General Ledger.
  • Transaction Detail Report – The Transaction Detail Report may now be printed for a specified date range, instead of just complete periods.

Inventory Control

  • Price Breaks – Added custom price break tables by item.
  • Item Inquiry – Added several new options included displaying the earliest expected delivery date and whether or not comments exist for a specific item.
  • Transaction Detail Report – Enhanced reporting of non-stock items.

Order Processing

  • Estimating – Incorporated estimating feature (see above).
  • Summary Invoicing – Enhanced the features of project / PO summary invoicing.
  • Timestamps – Added additional date/time stamps in the system and incorporated them into various inquiry screens.


  • Tax Tables – Incorporated new Federal and State tax tables issues after the December 2008 release.
  • Contributions – Added the ability to create contribution overrides similar to the Deduction and Earnings Code overrides.

Purchase Order Processing

  • Purchase Order Entry – Added the ability to turn on/off fields in Purchase Order Entry to streamline and speed entry.

Service Contract

  • Meter Reading – Added the ability to print invoices directly from the meter build function.
  • General – Incorporated standard features to make the look, feel and flow more similar to other Solution-IV Reprographics modules.

Required and Complimentary Products

The following Solution–IV version number has been assigned to this release and requires the following other products in order to run:

OPENworkshop Version Basic
8.70 8.7.0 8.7.0 8.7.0(optional)