Solution-IV Accounting®
Version 8.53P Release Notice

July 2006


Solution-IV Accounting version 8.53P is a significant enhancement release to Solution-IV version 8.521P, which was released in December 2004.

The primary purpose for this release is to make available a significant number of enhancements as well as two new modules: Credit Card Processing and Service Contract Management. This version also underwent an extensive quality assurance test period and a significant number of technical bulletins are also incorporated.

This section will describe the changes made between 8.521P and 8.53P. For those customers interested in reviewing some significant changes made between 8.52P (also released in December 2004) and 8.521P, the Release Notice will remain on the web at:

8.521P Release Notes
In total, over 200 modifications have been made across all modules - from minor bug fixes to enhancements and changes requested by our customers. This document briefly describes the changes that were made in each module.

This version is still designed to run with OPENworkshop® version 8.5.2 with the Web update #1. OPENworkshop and VIP® version 4.11 are both required to use the graphical interface.

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing is an integrated solution to processing and validating credit card payments through your accounting system. Seamlessly integrated with Solution-IV Order Processing, the credit card is swiped from the Order or Invoice Entry Payment screen. The card is then processed and the authorization code transmitted back to the entry screen.

Thoroughbred has teamed with Payment Processing, Inc. (PPI), the industry leader in integrated transaction processing and has integrated PPI's PPI PayMoverSM payment gateway for credit card processing into Solution-IV Accounting. PPI PayMover provides an IP transaction payments gateway - designed for card present and card absent payments.

By eliminating having to enter the credit card information by hand, you reduce card information errors, charge-backs and fraud. PPI also offers a discounted rate when a card swipe is used and all magnetic stripe information is captured and transmitted.

The PPI system comes standard with a credit card transaction Web-based interface, which gives immediate results of all card transactions processed as well as daily financial reports to help reconcile your merchant account.

The initial version will support credit cards and debit cards used as credit cards only. A subsequent version scheduled for later this year will also support debit cards with pin pad and ACH transfers.

Payment Processing, Inc. is the most successful company in the world focused on integrated payment processing, supporting over 600 software developers and more than 12,000 merchants with efficient, cost effective payment solutions. In 2006, PPI is on track to process in excess of $3 billion in Visa. and MasterCard. payments. PPI provides software developers with a full range of services for integrating electronic payments including gateway services, integration support, merchant support and services, and PCI security assistance.

For more information on Credit Card Processing, see Appendix F of the Solution-IV Installation & Upgrade Guide for version 8.53P or click here to retrieve the datasheet.

Service Contract Management

The Service Contract Management system has now been field tested and is being officially released with version 8.53P. The Service Contract system helps manage service contract customers and equipment information. Equipment details, warranties, service and maintenance billing and calls, dispatch and technician scheduling are all supported.

Proper management of service contracts is a necessary element in supporting your customers and maintaining maximum up-time of their equipment. Detailed customer and equipment history, including preventative maintenance calls, upgrades, consumables and their timely management will lead to improved customer satisfaction and higher profits.

Detailed service call information provides time, materials and service technician information that can help determine the profitability of the service call and the pre- and post-warranty reliability of the equipment.

When used with the Web-based Customer Service module, customers are given the ability to request service automatically over the Internet. They can also view service call history on all their equipment.

The Service Contract Management system integrates seamlessly with the Solution-IV Reprographics system and database, adding additional capability for you to manage your business.

For those customers already using Service Contract Management, the following significant enhancements were added in version 8.53P: For more information on Service Contract Management, see Appendix E of the Solution-IV Installation & Upgrade Guide for version 8.53P or click here to retrieve the datasheet.

Accounts Payable
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Customer Relations Module (CRM)

CRM is a Web-based customer service module that enables customers to review their accounts, print statements and invoices, enter orders, get quotes and place service requests over the Internet. Fixed Assets
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Required and Complimentary Products

The following Solution-IV version number has been assigned to this release and requires the following other products in order to run:






8.5.2 with Upgrade #1


4.11 (optional)




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