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Solution-IV® Reprographics

Every year computers and equipment are better and better. The same thing is true about business software for your Reprographics business. More information is at your fingertips to help you run your business better.

Thoroughbred Software's Solution-IV Reprographics software has over two decades of field use in a number of markets with tens of thousands of users. It has proven to be a solid Accounting and Business Management system to run your business.

The following Features and Services make Solution-IV Reprographics the system to grow your business with:

  • General Accounting is GAAP compliant
  • Order Processing with Sq. ft. and Sheet Pricing
  • Training and Data Conversion Services
  • POS
  • Order Tracking
  • Customer, Order and Project pricing
  • Integrated Credit Card Option
  • e-mail Invoices
  • e-Dash™ provides instant 1-click information on customers, orders, inventory, sales and more

There are a number of optional features that enable Solution-IV Reprographics to be set-up to run your business the way you want to.

Do you want to see more? Click here or call us and schedule a Solution-IV Reprographics demo.

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