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Tired of paying for expensive pre-printed invoices and other business forms? FormsCreator is the solution for faxing, e-mailing or laser printing elegantly formatted forms on plain paper from Solution-IV® Accounting or your own Thoroughbred-based 3GL or 4GL application. FormsCreator can quickly pay for itself with the savings of postage and resources required to print, stuff and post your invoices, statements and orders, not to mention the costs of purchasing and warehousing pre-printed forms. A library of standard Solution-IV forms is provided including:

  • Accounts Receivable Invoices
  • Accounts Receivable Statements
  • Order Processing Orders
  • Order Processing Invoices
  • Purchase Orders

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Multiple Form Delivery Methods

FormsCreator is fully integrated into Solution-IV Accounting and supports multiple, simultaneous output formats; this means you can print a laser copy at the same time as e-mailing or faxing a copy to the customer. Each Solution-IV customer and vendor record contains the default output methods for each form (laser print, fax or e-mail) along with customer or vendor fax number and e-mail address. Then when a form is printed in the application, FormsCreator automatically routes the form as you have specified – either to your printer, fax, or email or a combination of the three. The default printer, fax number and email address can also be changed on-the-fly, if desired. This is useful if there are many different contacts at the recipient's location.

Form Archival

In addition to printing, faxing and e-mailing your forms, you can set up your forms for archival on your file server. This can be useful for maintaining a permanent electronic pdf copy of any forms you desire to archive – invoices, orders, statements and/or purchase orders.

Multiple Copies

FormsCreator provides for multiple, named, copies of each form in your system. For example, if you need three copies of your invoices, but only one copy of your other forms, you could set up your invoices to print three copies – Original, Customer Copy, File Copy – with the copy name appearing on each invoice.

Form Modification

FormsCreator forms are designed using the industry leading Crystal Reports by Business Objects and may be modified by either Thoroughbred Software Consulting Services or by you. The Crystal Reports runtime engine is included with FormsCreator. However, if you want to modify the forms yourself, you will need Crystal Reports Professional or Developer version 8.5.

User Testimonials

From Diana at LAOF: Our experience of switching to FormsCreator has been seemingly effortless. A few quirks were easily worked out with the Thoroughbred team and being able to create .pdf files and e-mailing them without getting up from a workstation is such a time saver. It's probably the best thing to happen to our application in the past ten years. We are very happy with FormsCreator.

From Mary Ann at BUIN: We are extremely pleased with FormsCreator. The form design portion was relatively easy -- we worked very closely with Thoroughbred to get "just the right" spacing and look. Our users are extremely pleased with the finished product. It has a crisper, more professional look. Also, when we use the .pdf function to e-mail or print our forms to the color printer, we get our logo showing with color.

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FormsCreator Nuts and Bolts

How does FormsCreator work? When a form is printed in Solution-IV or your application, FormsCreator takes this print request and merges the application data into the Crystal Reports form using TS ODBC DataServerš and the Crystal Reports API. The merged form is then automatically routed to the appropriate network printer, e-mail address or fax number.

When the system is set up, form definitions are established as to which forms to print using FormsCreator, the number of copies and form names for each form and the default printer to use for each operator printing forms. Once the set-up is accomplished, the forms are processed transparently via standard application operating procedures.

FormsCreator uses a Crystal Reports API, and requires a Windows workstation.

Included in the FormsCreator library is the FormsCreator application, the Solution-IV forms library, and two (2) seats of TS ODBC Read/Write DataServer (2 are required for each separate physical location). Additional TS ODBC DataServer seats may be needed to support additional locations. A VPN network setup is recommended for a multi-location installation.