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The purpose of the repro-list forum is that it is a conduit for our customers to ask questions, offer or seek advice and share your knowledge and experience with others in the Reprographics Community about the use of our products. Our customers, many who have been developing with and using our products since 1982, have a wealth of knowledge about our products, and are eager to share that knowledge with you. In this time of transition from legacy applications to modern graphical and Web-based applications the Repro-list forum can be a rich resource for our customers.

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Guidelines for Use
The repro-list forum's purpose is to be an open line of communication for knowledge sharing between Thoroughbred and our customers. The forum is not a support resource from Thoroughbred. If you need Thoroughbred support, please use the existing support programs provided by Thoroughbred at

This repro-list will be moderated from time to time. As such, subscribe, unsubscribe and posts may reviewed prior to submission to the reprolist.

Thoroughbred Software has adopted an "Acceptable Use Guideline" that is subject to change from time to time without prior notice to the public. In order to make this forum useful for everyone, please stick to the topic, and do not use the forum to send jokes or off-topic material.

Ethical Use
Use of the mail list forum will be responsible, ethical, legal and consistent with the purpose for which the mail list forum resource is provided.

Terms of Use
Thoroughbred Software at its sole discretion and without prior notice, reserves the right to limit or deny access to the mail list to any subscriber abusing this service. No foul language, or threats to others will be tolerated, and such abuse could cause permanent barring from the use of the forum.