Solution-IV Reprographics®
Version 8.52P Release Notice

Solution-IV Reprographics 8.51P was released February 9, 2004. This document explains the modifications and enhancements that were made to Solution-IV Reprographics between versions 8.51P and 8.52P.

This section briefly describes the changes that were made in each module.

FormsCreator™ (new module, released with 8.51P)
FormsCreator is a powerful, cost-effective form design and document delivery system, based on the industry standard Crystal Reports and VSI*FAX products, that enables organizations to deliver complex business documents according to their needs.

Now your core accounting and Point of Sale applications running on Windows, UNIX and OpenVMS can deliver laser quality orders, invoices, purchase orders and customer statements directly to a laser printer, fax output or e-mail system.

FormsCreator eliminates the need for expensive pre-printed forms, their management and warehousing, as well as the hassles associated with manual form loading, separation and splitting. Instead, a variety of forms can be selectively printed, faxed, or e-mailed as the demand arises. Even the number of copies to print is a setup parameter for each form. For more information on FormsCreator, see Appendix D of the Solution-IV Installation & Upgrade Guide for version 8.52P.

Customer Relations Module (CRM)
CRM is a web-based customer service module that enables customers to review their accounts, print statements and invoices, enter orders, get quotes and place service requests over the Internet.

No changes were made between 8.51P and 8.52P.

Service Contract Management (CRM)
The SCM system maintains service contract, warranty, service and maintenance call information and service dispatches. When used with the CRM module, customers may place service requests over the Internet.

No changes were made between 8.51P and 8.52P.

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System Utilities:

Required and Complimentary Products:
The following Solution-IV version number has been assigned to this release and requires the following other products in order to run:

8.52P 8.5.2 8.5.2 4.11 (optional)